She’s in the Mirror

She’s in the Mirror 

First time, yes? How does it feel?

Imperial… as in the Roman Empire,

vanished from our world.


because I am a part of you,

go there

and see a person

who is a man in ‘normal life.’

Normally used for garbage bags: the crinoline, tulle and plastic

to build the ‘new man’ in our society.

We set out to build new houses and the streets are bad.

Someone who hides his true image,

my regular work? I am a baker.

I bathe and feed.

I’m simply mad.

I’ll never forget something she always said,

you’ll see, nothing will happen.

It’s not easy to transform into a woman from a man.

Our costumes weren’t like today’s.

Frida, La “Miss Gay,”

this is a new dress. It’s made with dyed goose feathers. Real eyelash glue…

Don’t throw nickels, gentlemen.

I completed an international mission in Angola.

I was a professor of military topography.

I also work with ponies.


I don’t think these things should increase; on the contrary, I think they should diminish.

At the bottom of the grave

we’re all dressed in the same clothes…

I’m tired of local money. Make sure they aren’t sweaty.

We’ll create the new man because the public brought their own chairs, they make them out of horse or wig hair or many other things or buy them.

No, it’s not out of this world.

I don’t want my enemies to gossip

but it’s more tiring than working in the bakery for 10 hours.

And they never say, for example,

“We’re transvestites, let’s misbehave…”

I consider myself very unscientific and very reactionary

but I always told my mom that

the best way

to have a relationship

with someone is to live with her.

I consider myself very normal, with defects and virtues;

they fight with the same tenacity…

If I knew he was going, I wouldn’t perform.

If I knew he was going, I wouldn’t perform

because he’s friendly with the spectators and good on stage.

He saw everyone else perform

but if I knew he was going,

I wouldn’t.


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